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Eddie’s Greats – David Ginola

Posted by eddiev18 on June 12, 2008

David Ginola

The guy is an absolute legend to me. Not only because he played some of the best football of his career at Spurs, but because he embodies everything I love about watching football.

Ginola was widely percieved as a show pony, and was the sort of player that managers nowadays would deem a luxury – the sort of player that may stand on the wing for 89 minutes, do nothing defensively, but then produce a moment of sheer brilliance to win the game.

I can understand the frustration of cetain coaches who would try to train him to work harder, play deeper so that he could help out the full back but, honestly, there was no point. The only place you need a player like Ginola is the final third. I remember the crowd at Spurs getting to their feet, and urging him to run at his marker as soon as he got the ball. Quite simply, everyone just knew the damage he could do to another team.

A right footed winger, Ginola played on the left as his technique was esquisite with either foot. At 6 feet 2 inches and of muscular build, he could’ve been mistaken for a traditional number 9 rather than than a winger, but this was probably the most extraordinary thing about him. His tecnique and excelleration meant he glided past players with ease, yet his strength meant he was able to hold the ball up well, and deal with the very physical English Premier League.

Certainly at Paris St.Germain, Newcastle and Tottenham Ginola had a point to prove. Gerard Houllier, and a lot of the population of France blamed him for Les Blues not qualifying for the 1994 World Cup, and Ginola was seen as a player who couldn’t be depended on.

Goals, mazy dribbles, superb touch and technique, there are so many memorable moments and goals to write home about. Whilst this video showcases a lot of the skill of the great Frenchman, here’s a list of my favorites:

  1. Ginola (Newcastle), goal vs Ferencvaros
  2. Ginola (Tottenham), mazy run vs Leeds
  3. Ginola (Newcastle), goal vs Man Utd
  4. Ginola (Tottenham), solo goal vs Barnsley

Daveed… we salute you!


2 Responses to “Eddie’s Greats – David Ginola”

  1. GCarlos said

    do i recall correctly that the reason ‘e played on ze left is because ‘e broke ‘is right leg as a youngster so ‘ad to learn ‘ow to play wiz ze left one instachd?

  2. eddiev18 said

    That’s correct. That’s the reason he was so comfortable with both feet. If only some of the youngsters in this country could suffer the same fate… England would then be able to find a winger with a left foot!

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