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Selling Out – Carlos Valderrama

Posted by eddiev18 on June 15, 2008

Before I start laying into him for this ridiculous advert, I want to just say that I think Carlos Valderrama is brilliant.

Firstly, how a guy with such an amazing afro can be remembered for anything else other than his locks is an accolade in itself. However, he was also a very gifted football player, and a mainstay in the national team between 1983 and 1998 – making him the most capped Colombian player of all time (111 caps, 11 goals).

The darling of the country – who many consider to be the greatest Colombian player of all time – he surely could have sold out big and endorsed something suoave, sophisticated, cool – something befitting a man of such reputation in his homeland.

Why then Carlos, did you decide to do the below advert, for a crisp manufacturer?!? If the gormless photograph he let them use wasn’t bad enough, the slogan ‘Por Que No Ahora?’, which translates as ‘Why Not Now? almost gives the advert paedophilic overtones.

Having been knocked back already by the 8 year old in question, we see Carlos, now armed with his packet of crisps and his cheesy smile, saying ‘hey kiddo, now i’ve got a bag of Margaritas, you surely have no reason not to get into my car, do you?!?’… Incredible.

Carlos, whether the money was good or not, sack your agent!

Jesus wept!


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