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That Boy Got Skills – The Blanco Bounce

Posted by eddiev18 on June 15, 2008

Bunny Hopper - Cuauhtemoc BlancoThe ‘That Boy Got Skills’ series will profile the individual pieces of skill that I have enjoyed (and subsequently practiced in the park, until I got to the point that I realised I was never going to be able to do them!) over the years.

I think what makes these skills so impressive is that they were executed not in a park, but in games that actually meant something. I have a lot of respect for someone with the balls to do something that could either make you look a genius, or end up making you look a prize idiot. Playing without this fear makes the best players, and this series will showcase skills from the sublime to the downright cheeky.

We start with Mexico’s Cuauhtemoc Blanco. Now 35 and playing for Chicago Fire in the MLS, Blanco had a very successful career in his native country, winning many accolades, and scoring a bagload of goals. However, he is also very well known for his eccentric personality (which led to some rather odd goal celebrations).

However, outside of Mexico he was a relative unknown, having failed to make an impact in his one stint in Spain (playing only 23 games for Real Valladolid, before going back to his homeland). It was in the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France where he gained a global cult status, when people saw this eccentricity being displayed on the pitch. The ‘Blanco Bounce’ is now a recognised (if not a bit ridiculous) skill, and I remember, after he did it in Mexico’s group match against South Korea, how everyone rushed outside to give it a try.

To Execute The Blanco Bounce: First, wedge the ball between your two feet (at the back, by the ankles). Then, as the defender comes in for the tackle, do almost a bunny hop forwards, bringing your feet up quite high, and releasing the ball on the upward movement of the jump. The ball will naturally shoot up ahead of you, to run onto as you leave a bemused defender (or two) in your wake… marvellous!

Watch the video below, of the man himself showing us all how it’s done.


One Response to “That Boy Got Skills – The Blanco Bounce”

  1. Mike said

    excelent player

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