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That Boy Got Skills – The Ronaldinho Elastic

Posted by eddiev18 on June 18, 2008

DinhoIt’s difficult to just pick one skill when referring to the sheer brilliance and unexpected entertainment that Ronaldinho provides. Although I understand that he can be frustrating at times, Barcelona fans are spoilt by the incredible talent he has.

Honing his skills by playing beach football, and the annoyingly difficult futsal as a youngster, he plays the game as we all did in the playground… no fear, wanting to try outgrageous pieces of skill, and always with a smile on his face

‘The Elastic’ was a skill I first saw him do in an advert for Nike. It’s the ultimate trick to mis-direct, and leave a defender on their ass as they try to adjust to a quick change of direction. There are other players who have picked up on the skill (like Zlatan Ibrahimovic), and can execute it just as well as ‘Ronnie’ can.

However, i’ve always thought that the most amazing thing about Ronaldinho is his ability to make even the hardest thing look so natural and easy – and this particular skill is not easy to get right, let alone perform without thinking about it. I’ve spent many an afternoon in the park with friends trying to do it, but most of the time I’ll trip on the ball and fall on my ass!

To Execute The Ronaldinho Elastic: Faced by a defender, the idea is to push the ball with the outstep of your favoured foot and, in one movement, push the ball back the other way with your instep to leave the defender wondering where you went, and you with a free run on goal… simple!

Well, it isn’t, so here’s Ronnie himself to show you how it’s done (and for all you defenders out there who hate showboaters, here’s the Nike ad where he gets nailed at the end!).


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