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That Boy Got Skills – The Kerlon Seal Dribble

Posted by eddiev18 on June 28, 2008

Kerlon, The Seal DribbleAnother week, another Brazilian with crazy footballing ability – this time focussing on Cruzeiro foward Kerlon Moura Souza (his mates just call him Kerlon though, so I will too), and the ‘Seal Dribble’ (or La Foquinha in Brazilian).

Mainly used in wide positions, Kerlon flicks the ball up onto his head with his foot and, leaving defenders in his wake (wondering how they can legally get the ball off him), he runs off down the wing bouncing the ball on his head.

Whilst the skill has been seen before – Dane Daniel Braaten has used it on various occasions – Kerlon, like Ronaldinho with the ‘elastic’, is a cut above the rest when executing it. It is a skill that requires excellent balance, and Kerlon has refined it to the point that he is able to perform it at tremendous pace, and even change direction mid-dribble.

Defenders haven’t taken to it too kindly though, and you can understand why. Let’s face it, to do this in a league match is taking the piss a bit isn’t it?!? Whilst Kerlon claims he means no disrespect, he has had to deal with defenders saying they will ‘snap’ him for doing it, and resorting to simply pushing him over or kicking him to the floor, to stop him humiliating them. I wonder how it would go down with the slightly more rugged players of the English game?

To Execute The ‘Seal Dribble’: Faced with open space ahead of you (preferably in a wide position), simply flick the ball up onto your head with your foot and, when the ball is under control, run as fast as you can down the line, until you are crunched by a 6 foot bruiser who has no time for show-ponies. No matter, you’ve just earned your team a free kick in a dangerous area… marvellous.

Still unsure of how to do it? Here’s Kerlon to show you how it’s done, and to make that drag-back you did against your work colleagues on Tuesday night look more Ian Dowie than Ronaldinho.


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