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A Face I’d Like To Smack – Andrei Arshavin

Posted by eddiev18 on February 14, 2009

In terms of players I’d like to hit, Andrei Arshavin is right up there.

To start with, he has the sort of arrogant swagger which is a pre-requisite of any player who wants to play for Arsenal (that, as well as being technically gifted, I must concede). However, he also made a bit of a tit of himself over the last 6 months by punting himself around to virtually all of Europe’s top clubs, even though most of them never really wanted him.

Annoyingly using that horrificly false and cliched phrase, he first claimed that Barcelona was his ‘dream’ (until it was clear the feeling wasn’t mutual), and then proceeded to ‘dream’ about Chelsea, Tottenham and, finally, Arsenal. Andrei, just keep your mouth shut in future, until you’re actually holding the shirt.

However, even if you ignore the above, he still needs a twatting. Just look at his face:

Smackability Rating: 4

If there’s a player out there whose face incites you into a homicidal rage, and who I’ve not already mentioned, email their name to me at eddiesfootballblog@hotmail.co.uk. I will do the naming and shaming for you!


One Response to “A Face I’d Like To Smack – Andrei Arshavin”

  1. P Unit said

    El-Hadji gets my goat – and my vote. When he’s not gobbing at the opposition, the overrated/underperforming bench warmer is kicking off with his own team mates. His surname sounds similar to the noise made when my fist connects to his temple – Diouf

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