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Not-In-Any-Way-Motivational Posters – 19th August

Posted by eddiev18 on August 19, 2009

The Series ‘Not-In-Any-Way-Motivational Posters’ won’t be a number of things. It probably won’t be particulary original, it will certainly not be heavy on the detail and, at times, it probably won’t even be funny. It certainly won’t explain why I haven’t updated the site in over 4 months either, oh no sir!

It will, however, fill the 30 second period at the end of your hour of freedom at lunchtime, when you are desperately trying to find things to distract you from strapping on the nosebag, and eating some serious keyboard. Heck, it may even make you laugh, and occasionaly be topical.

So, whilst you snaffle at the remnants of your bag of McCoys, cast your eye on these ‘not-in-any-way-motivational posters’:









One Response to “Not-In-Any-Way-Motivational Posters – 19th August”

  1. soccer said

    liv cannot win tiitle this season.. haha..

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