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Microsoft Paint Stories Of The Week – Gareth Bale

Posted by eddiev18 on September 29, 2009

This week sees the launch of a new series on Eddie’s Football Blog. Like the ‘Ultimate Elevens’ series, ‘Microsoft Paint Stories Of The Week’ is more of an invitation to everyone who reads my blog* to do something fun and football related that isn’t the Soccer Saturday drinking game (glasses down back there).

Basically all you’ve got to do is take any story from the last few weeks of football news, and bring it to life via the magic of Microsoft Paint! It’s that easy, and they can be as crap as you like. In fact, the crapper the better. Send your ‘art’ through to me at eddiesfootballblog@hotmail.co.uk and I will put the funniest ones up on the site. Simples.

My first effort is an homage to Gareth Bale.

If you aren’t one for stats, or if you aren’t one for young Welsh fullbacks with immaculately sculpted hair, you may not have known that Bale went into Tottenham’s game with Burnley last Saturday having never won a game in the Premier League in 24 attempts. He was Tottenham’s unlucky charm, a poisoned chalice, an upside-down horse shoe, an… ok, you get the picture.

Anyway in a painting that throws a unique light on the situation, here he is celebrating Spurs’ 5-0 triumph, and finally smashing the monkey on his back (metaphorically speaking of course. Just so we’re clear, Gareth Bale did not kill a primate on Saturday afternoon).

You will also see that five of 1970’s camp disco group The Village People have turned up to cheer him on. They are big fans of Gareth, and especially like his hair. Actually, it appears that the Naval Officer loves Gareth’s coiffeured locks so much, that he has run onto the pitch (skillfully evading the steward’s grasp) and presented the man of the hour with a novelty comb. Marvellous.


Leave any advice for Gareth below.

If you want to get involved and do your own Microsoft Paint Story Of The Week, then draw it in Paint, and send it to me at eddiesfootballblog@hotmail.co.uk. As I said, if it is funny it doesn’t matter how crap the drawing is, and it will make it on the site! No Photoshop! 🙂

*Lest I forget, the invitation to draw your own ‘Story Of The Week’ also goes out to all of you lovely people who inexplicably ended up on Eddie’s Football Blog by typing strange word combinations such as ‘ugly boy’ and ‘Schweinsteiger Pepperami’ into Google. Whenever I look at the web search terms people have used to get here, there is always at least one person who clearly never intended to end up on the site. And if you are one of those people, welcome.

However, if you are the person who got here by searching for ‘bi-fi porn’, apologies, but I’m struggling to see how Eddie’s Football Blog can satisfy your needs!


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