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Steve McClaren pretends to be Robin Hood in bizarre attempt to fit in at Forest

Posted by eddiev18 on June 14, 2011

McClaren: Just trying to fit in

Steve McClaren has trumped his famous Dutch accent interview by dressing up as Robin Hood and calling Derby County boss Nigel Clough a ‘wicked knave’.

The newly appointed Nottingham Forest manager also revealed that he has relocated his entire squad to Sherwood Forest, where they will live in a tree house built by strikers Robert Earnshaw and Dele Adebola (who he now calls ‘Little Dele’).

“Every Englishman’s home is his castle” boomed McClaren, “and this shall be our home, our castle – its foundations shaped by the teamwork and endeavour of my two strikers. Teamwork that they can call upon when we’re 1-0 down at Doncaster on a cold November eve.”

Furious after Nathan Tyson’s defection to local rivals Derby, the former England boss didn’t hold back: “Nigel Clough is a wicked knave. He has stolen Nathan Tyson from me – tricking him with the promise of silver, wenches and mead. Plus, I’m fairly sure that he said something about wanting to cut my heart out with a spoon, and I can’t be having that.”

McClaren’s wife Kathryn isn’t surprised at her husband’s behaviour: “Steve just wants people to like him. When we were in Germany he eventually won over the Wolfsburg fans by putting on a giant bratwurst costume and tap-dancing to the Vengaboys before each home game.

“The whole Robin Hood thing has gone a bit far though. He hasn’t had a bath since we got here, and I’m frankly a bit fed up of being called a wench and finding arrows in the dishwasher.”

Forest Fan Jordan Garter is upbeat about the club’s prospects under McClaren: “You just have to look at his track record – the umbrella at Wembley, the interview with the ridiculous Dutch accent, and now this Robin Hood thing – the man clearly could not have less regard for his own dignity if he tried. This makes him dangerous, some sort of maverick.

“I still don’t quite understand why he needs the bow and arrow though.”


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