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Eurosport designs drinking game to help viewers enjoy Fifa Women’s World Cup

Posted by eddiev18 on June 28, 2011


Eurosport today announced that there were so many reasons to enjoy their coverage of this summer’s Fifa Women’s World Cup – all of them made even more hilarious when accompanied by a few lagers.

A promotional email sent out yesterday by the media giant read: “Summer transfer window getting you down? Fancy a break from all the speculation linking Real Madrid with a move for Tony Hibbert? Then tune in to Eurosport and watch some of this shit over a few ales – it really is comedy gold!”

In an interesting marketing tactic, the broadcaster has largely targeted students with its coverage of the tournament, and has even gone as far as designing a detailed drinking game that viewers can play as they watch the action.

“The game combines almost limitless opportunities to drink with the age-old male pastime of teasing women for being rubbish at things like throwing, catching and kicking” sniggered a Eurosport spokesman.

“For example, if a goalkeeper makes an calamitous error – which tends to happen every five minutes in women’s football – you drink two fingers. Similarly, if an attacker takes a shot on goal so feeble that it doesn’t even make it into the 6 yard box, then that’s three fingers.

“Then there are the rarer – but equally feasible – ones, like a team refusing to come out of the dressing room because they’re all wearing the same outfit. With that one you have to down your pint, which always sets the tone for a great 90 minutes of drinking.”

Steve Jobson – a student at Southampton Solent University – watched England’s amusing 1-1 draw with Mexico: “We followed Eurosport’s general rules but also added a few of our own, like ‘drink when the spectators start a tedious Mexican wave in their boredom’ and ‘drink when you see a player you might actually sleep with’. Although that last one never actually came up.”

The Chair of women’s football in the UK, Fanny Redhill, was quick to respond: “This only serves to highlight the immaturity of men. If they could stop smirking for just 10 seconds, they’d realise that women’s football is the only realistic chance they’ve got of seeing England lift the World Cup in their lifetime.”

Drunk student Darryl Long admits that he tired to stop smirking for 10 seconds, but failed: “I tried – I really did – but then I imagined a losing captain consoling her squad by inviting them all round for Häagen-Dazs and a Matthew McConaughey DVD marathon.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just too fucking funny!”

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