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Not-In-Any-Way-Motivational Posters – 15th September

Posted by eddiev18 on September 14, 2009

Today’s batch of completely un-inspirational warblings once again reflect on the past week in the world of football. We had Adebayor on the wind-up, which was preceded by seasonal En-ger-land post World Cup qualification hysteria, after the national team’s 5-1 win against the mighty Croatia.

A special mention must also go to the BBC for ‘treating’ us to the ‘Uefa Euro 2009’ tourmament. If i’m totally honest, I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing, but i’m glad I watched some of it. It was knee-slappingly bad. If Uefa’s mission was to generate more respect amongst men for the women’s game, then quite what they were doing letting the BBC publically air some of the most comical goalkeeping I have ever witnessed, I will never know. Perhaps it was to make Paul Robinson feel better about himself.

In other news, Manchester United look to sew up the Korean market for another three years, by giving a lot of money to a benched Park, not a park bench (that would just be stupid).






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